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"DEBORAH YAKUBU" - In 2022 a Christian woman found horrific martyrdom by fanatical Islamists

Deborah Yakubu, a 22-year-old student, was stoned to death and then burned to death by Muslims in Nigeria.

Deborah Yakubu: Another sanctified soul who martyred in a horrible way, was added to the glorious body of martyrs, the greatest boast of Christianity.In 2022, a young woman in Nigeria did not take into account the blind hatred of Islamic fanaticism, spoke out against barbarism, and paid with her life.

"...So, just how many new genders are there? According to a recent count on the website Tumblr, which is the home of the online feminist, there are over 400 gender options now to choose from. From the more popular ‘genderqueer’ and ‘genderfluid’, to far more obscure options, all are to be accepted without question, unless one wishes to be called ‘transphobic’ or ‘transmisogynist’. These options aren’t mutually exclusive either, so one can choose to identify with more than one of these new ‘genders’."

Deborah Yakubu, 22, was stoned to death by Islamist extremists at a college in Sokoto in northwestern Nigeria. Nigeria is a divided country, made up of a Muslim north and a Christian south. Twelve of Nigeria's thirty-six states have Sunni Islam as their predominant religion, and Sharia courts as well as customary courts operate in these areas.

According to Sharia, blasphemy is severely punished and even provides for public execution. She was slandered for alleged "blasphemy" Deborah, a Christian, was falsely accused by her Muslim classmates of blaspheming the Prophet Muhammad. An easy way for extremists to "get rid" of an unwanted person, especially when he is a woman. In fact, all the young girl did was comment on an online platform that the college's educational forum should only be used for academic purposes. He said this because Deborah's Islamist classmates had turned the forum into a platform for Islamist preaching and religious proselytizing. Deborah protested against the discrimination against Christians in college, seeing that there was a clear bias against Muslims in the school.

This self-evident comment, in any civilized country, would at worst be the subject of a simple controversy. In an area dominated by Islamic darkness, however, this comment was enough to seal the fate of the 22-year-old. Still, there was a strong rumor that a Muslim fellow student wanted to win Deborah's love, but received her refusal. The half-heartedness of fanatical Islam could not be tolerated by a free, independent and - in fact - Christian woman.

The bravery of her opinion, and her devoted faith in God, were enough to infuriate the barbaric followers of a religious middle age. Thus, a furious revenge was planned under the pretext of an alleged "blasphemy".

The horrible martyrdom

On May 12, 2022, in broad daylight, an enraged mob of fellow Muslim students violently dragged Deborah out of the college building. They beat her wildly and started throwing stones at her with large stones until she cooled down. They then threw car tires on her lifeless body, and set her on fire, charring her. As the thick black smoke rose from the scene of the horror, the beastly crowd cheered for revenge in the name of Allah and His Prophet, while an extremist showed the camera of a mobile phone, the box of matches used to burn the "infidel".

The video of the lynching circulated on the internet, like the bloody booty of another Islamist beast. Deborah Yakubu was the latest tragic victim of an endless series of killings of Christians, mainly in underdeveloped countries ruled by Islamic law. Walking through the 21st century, we see scenes reminiscent of the martyrdom of Christians during the Roman Empire. In parts of Africa and Asia, widespread persecution of Christians is taking place, and with excessive hypocrisy the international community is silent in the face of this humanitarian humiliation.

A fierce anti-Christian wave has erupted in the Third World, and the only thing that concerns the hypocritical West in its campaigns is that there should be no sexual discrimination. The infamous NGOs, the international solidarity movements, the political interventions, are all absent from the issue of the slaughter of Christians, having rather… more important issues to deal with. One woman testified, precisely because she was a woman, because she was a Christian, and because she took it for granted that she could express an opinion.

According to a classmate who witnessed the lynching, Deborah's last words were "what do you hope to accomplish with this"? And indeed. The hordes of religious darkness achieved absolutely nothing. The opposite in fact. Surrendered to their blind hatred, they added another glorious witness to the heavenly classes of Christianity, who will be remembered from now on and beyond all generations.

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