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"EXODUS" - Musical Performance

A musical performance by Fenia Papadodima that converses with the digital painting of Giorgos Kordis.

Giorgos Kordis digitally paints a huge mural - a procession of refugees. He talks about the "refugee machine" giving the deepest stigma of "disease" which is the loss of human ties and relationships, which amounts to a loss of memory, identity, face.

Fenia Papadodima talks to his painting, through the correspondence of Giorgos Seferis with Zisimos Loretzatos 1948-1968, as well as from Giorgos Seferis' travelogue "Three days in the monasteries of Cappadocia". Through their letters, the loss of "the personal memory of the place" is recorded, the internal impasse that creates "permanent relocations", the uncertainty of an era that is very reminiscent of modern reality, where all of us have more or less lost "the fixed point" in the noise of the world. And also, the "eternal impasse" of Greek history that is so tragically and paradoxically reflected in the events of the Asia Minor disaster.

Finally, Giorgos Seferis "in his own way", makes us feel how much Greek culture owes today "to the crossroads of this Akre", in Cappadocia, where one can "see the Greek tradition in motion, where the small and the forgotten can have the same importance as the unspoiled monuments of art".

Fenia Papadodima sets poems by Seferis to music, writes lyrics and music in which real testimonies of refugees and personal texts are included that bridge 1922 to 2022. With her voice she travels from hymnody, to song, to improvisation, to speech. Together with the actor Giorgos Papastylianos, they create a new internal journey, from the "unwell" refugees of the disaster to the "unwell" citizens of the city. From face to face loss.

The testimonies of refugees from Cappadocia have been selected from the edition "Exodos", volume B' of the KMS. Beyond the chronicle of the disaster, they describe events on the border of dream, miracle and reality.

A walnut that photographs the animals and people that pass in front of it, a cloud of locusts that devours everything, an abandoned church of Ai Giorgi where liturgies and psalms are heard at night, Mrs. Melpo dreams every night that she is swallowed by a big fish, Mr. Serafimoglu still chases his grandfather's skull stolen by a Turkish woman in his sleep. But Giorgos Seferis's Journey to the Monasteries of Cappadocia constantly negotiates the coexistence of two worlds, the world of fairy tales and harsh reality, as these two worlds marry in the eerie landscapes of Cappadocia.

Despite all the references to the disaster, the show aims to create a space of upliftment and observation of history from a different point of observation, beyond hatred and empathy.

* * * The production takes place within the framework of the 2022 program, the "All Greece is one Culture" institution of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Detailed information and seat reservations at * * *


Fenia Papadodima: Music - Direction - Performance

Giorgos Papastylianos: Interpretation

Thomas Meleteas: Uti

Gogo Xagora: Harp - Interpretation

Ivi Papathanasiou: Cello – Interpretation

Haris Lambrakis: New

Giorgos Palamiotis: Soundscapes – Interpretation

Fenia Papadodima : Selection of texts - Dramaturgy

Stevi Koutsothanasis: Lighting

Kostas Foutas: Video

Eleni Kouri: Photography

Chrysa Matsagani: Contact


Address: Museum of Byzantine Culture. 2 Stratou Ave., Thessaloniki

Dates: Tuesday 30 & Wednesday 31 August

Start Time : 20:00 | Performance duration: 75'

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