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"Feeding 500 people with 20 euros" - Orthodox Mission

Performing the impossible - Orthodox Missions

Dear friends of the Mission, 5% of the world's population suffers from depression, according to the latest research by the World Health Organization.

A mental illness which is related to hereditary or other factors, is directly related to the way of thinking and living of modern man.

The daily life concerns, the fruitless satisfaction of our ever-increasing needs, the virtual world of social media, which absorbs our vitality, are reasons why the rates of depression are gradually increasing. In this context, many times in our daily life we ​​forget to smile, to enjoy every moment in a Eucharistic way, to enjoy the company of our faces.

Here in Southern Madagascar, things are very different. Although nothing assures not tomorrow but this today, the now and that people's needs not only do not find a certain satisfaction, but on the contrary they prolong and increase, nevertheless people rejoice and smile, are optimistic and rest with the least.

Joy, Peace and Love are lavishly bestowed upon them by the Paraclete. Now, I can say with confidence, my brothers, that these experiences and these fruits of the Holy Spirit, the more you share them, the more they increase in you.

This is the deepest meaning of the words of the Lord "I was hungry, and you gave me food, I was thirsty, and you gave me water, I was a stranger, and brought me together, naked, and surrounded me, I was sick, and you visited me, I was in prison, and come towards me".

Not a few times I hear the phrase: "But this thing is the Mission?" Charities?” and every time I feel something breaking inside me, what we generally and vaguely call conscience and which we monks deliberately put to torture. It is indeed one of the many tortures of conscience not to respond passionately to this response.

Don't get into the process of sorting through photos of bony children or spread out lists of disease names that for us are simple hearsay brought over from the pre-war period, which often shine as badges in our health booklets. And yet the people here are happy.

And when we share our food with them, we also become partakers of this joy of the Holy Spirit. So, if you want to have full Joy, learn to share your whole being. This is also the antidoron (the little piece of holy bread after the Holy Communion) of Charity.

This, my brothers, we try to apply here in the Mission by giving ours from yours, sharing the fruits of your love, which you manifest in every way, in word and deed. We are sure that all these smiles, all this joy these people feel when we offer them every material aid you send us, eventually comes back to you and floods your already merciful heart with love and joy.

Rice, a simple grain, is for Madagascar the daily food of the people. Its cost is only twenty euros per bag.

Its importance is enormous since families, parishes, villages survive with it. Part of our mission is to take care of this minimum, in relation to the needs of the rest of the developed world, that our fellow Christians and non-Christians need.

We are sure that you will support us in this effort as well. Not only because we ask you with all our hearts, but because the Lord assured us that "inasmuch as you have worked for one of the least of these my brothers, you have worked for me".

Because ultimately joy comes to our soul when we give it to our brothers.

Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say Rejoice!

† Bishop Toliaras Prodromos

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