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"How does he dare? "

Who are you, teacher, that you are wrecking the establishment?

You are a disgrace, Mr. Headmaster!

You hear that?

A primary school principal with such perilous ideas in his school!

His name is Nikolas Sioutas.

He has the "audacity" to impose his teaching style on an entire neighborhood.

What is he up to?

"Everything that happens is done with fun." He continues saying.... "I believe in the fun experimental school".

Of course, we are joking. Believe it or not, this daring principal, acting together with the school's teachers and students in N. Smyrni in Athens, Greece, successfully undertook innovative projects in their school with the help of the students. So they created the following:

  • an organic vegetable terrace garden

  • a meteorological station integrated into the National Observatory,

  • seismic sensors in collaboration with Stanford University,

  • a liostasis

  • recycling points

  • interactive whiteboards

  • a mirror telescope and ...

  • a web radio.

In addition, he was able to establish "star nights" where youngsters, with the assistance of amateur astronomers and telescopes, observe the stars and learn astronomy, as opposed to chaotic zodiac signs.

As if that were not enough, he organizes free Saturday afternoon movie screenings for children and their parents at the school's home theater.

His school evolved into a place of happiness, amusement, and a passion for creative and social living.

And this principle, with his meager salary, dares to question a whole complacent government system with his deeds by doing everything for the love of children on a shoestring budget and in the limited time he had available.

Congratulations, Mr. Nikolas, on your selfless efforts.

You are a model !!!!

Well done !!!

When he became principal two years ago, his objective was to establish a school that would remain accessible to all members of the community.

Nikolaos Sioutas, Ph.D. in Psychology, special educator, and former school counselor, was born to farmer parents in Kompotades, Fthiotida.

According to him, his love for children brought him to the Pedagogical Academy of Greece.

This teacher, who has lived in Athens for thirty years and is the father of two children, is neither a curriculum-bound educator nor an office-bound administrator.

The list of innovative acts and programs he launched at the fourth elementary school is extensive.

The visitors are impressed with the school's table, interactive whiteboards, recycling stations, and telescopic mirror.

Mr. Sioutas asserts, "Everything that occurs is done with enjoyment."

He says, "I believe in the enjoyable experimental school."

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