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"ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL - 17/9 - 26/9/2021

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

In the Orthodox world, a new online Festival has emerged. It is considered to be the biggest Online International Festival of Orthodox Artists.

ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL will take place online from September 17 to 26, 2021 on

“The Festival will be the first to integrate High-Quality 3D technology on its numerous Virtual Reality Galleries.”

To the American John Davis who is afraid of the rise of the human race. Is he worried about what humans will eat when they multiply on earth? What miracles so useless worry. Did God teach us to worry about this? Instead it freed us from these worries. He commanded us not to worry even about the next day, let alone about the next century “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. ” Mathew. 6, 34.

Of course whoever forgets God takes care of God. But the cares of God are not for the weak backs of man. Read the ancient Greek myth of Atlas who rebelled against the gods and wanted to take the Earth on his shoulders. When the weight of the Earth was about to crush him, he returned the Earth to the Gods. Do you want to become the new Atlas and repeat the mistake of the ancient Atlas? Who frightened you so much with the idea that the growth of the human race would make the Earth incapable of feeding us? This is largely the case now. From the Creation of the Universe to the present day this could have happened many times if the Creator of the Universe did not care. If you believe both your writings and your calculations, write and calculate that from Abraham to the first Pharaoh of Egypt, humans could be as many as insects in the countryside.

Since then, people could cover the entire area and all the islands of our planet. But that did not happen. And this assures us that the world is going with a logic that does not agree with what you write and your calculations. You alone say that if we cultivated Brazil we could feed all of Europe and America. But you add, what will happen if Brazil grows too large and cannot supply wheat for export? Oh weird man of concern who will pay for your worries if the population of Brazil or America never grows?

I am now worried about another, who will pay for your current worries about something that may happen in a hundred years and that may never happen? Please calm down, and do not worry about feeding our three grandchildren. Just as your ancestor was not worried about how you would eat but still make your own bread for you and your children. Enough with the daily worry for future generations.

Did you not read in the Bible how seven barren years brought famine to Egypt in the time of the righteous Joseph? The famine came from drought and not from overpopulation. There was famine in Palestine at the time of the ancestor Jacob, again not from overpopulation. So calm down and worry about the bread of those who have not yet been born. But if you want to worry about distant care for people, then do not worry about what people will have in the future but who they will be.

So calm down and worry about the bread of those who have not yet been born. But if you want to worry about distant care for people, then do not worry about what people will have in the future but who they will be. I promise you, on the basis of the Holy Teaching of Christ, that if our descendants seek first of all the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, they will not be left without bread for a single day, even if there are as many grains of sand in shores of the sea.

Peace and many greetings

For More information please contact: Orthodox Arts Festival 46A High Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9DX, UK Tel: +44 (0) 1458 832911, Email:

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