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"St Elizabeth's monastery care, celebrates its 50th anniversary."

This year the boarding home for children with disabilities marks its 50th anniversary.

The sisters of St Elisabeth Convent care for residents of several medical-social institutions located in Minsk City and nearby, including a residential care facility for children with developmental problems, and the care homes for people with mental disabilities and the elderly.

“... None of this would be possible without your help! Please consider donating towards our ministry, so that we can continue to bring Christ into those people’s lives!

A residential care facility for people with mental disabilities is a medical-social institution that provides permanent care to people who need daily help in attending to their daily living, self-care and medical needs, and offers occupational therapy and rehabilitation programmes. The lay sisters and volunteers from the Convent of Saint Elisabeth care for the residents of several institutions - including a residential care facility for children with developmental problems, and the care homes for people with mental disabilities and the elderly. We arrange participation in worship services and the sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist for the patients. We also help organise various leisure activities and events. Over 500 residents benefit from our activities, including around 200 disabled children. Children with disabilities may attend classes in drawing and clay modelling, and participate in outdoor games and scenic day trips. As members of our animated cartoon studio, they learn to make craft items and cartoons.

Some children from the residential home also attend the Convent's theatrical studio and participate in the studio's theatrical performances as actors. To meet the spiritual needs of the patients, we have worked with the institutions to set up chapels and areas of worship. At the church of Saint Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg, a Divine Liturgy is celebrated weekly for the patients, followed by the Akathist to the church's Patron Saint. A chapel in honour of the Icon of the Holy Mother of God of Kikkos serves the spiritual needs of the patients of the Boarding Home. A Divine Liturgy is celebrated regularly, and all the patients can take part in the Sacraments.

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