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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

The Man of God - Elder Meletios Aivazidis, the blind angel.

In the age of atheism where everything is allowed and invaluable values ​​such as family, wisdom, reciprocity and respect for fellow human beings, sacrificed on the altar of bliss, the acquisition of material goods and positions in every way, we are fatally led to misfortune and death. Today, my brothers and sisters, our fellow human beings admire the financial man, the technocratic man and not the man of God.

But let us ask ourselves, the technocratic man achieved joy, peace and happiness. Does not this anxious pursuit of wealth, titles, and the satisfaction of egocentrism stifle and afflict him? They are portrayed by the world media exclusively as role models, arrogant, arrogant, sexist and "problematic" people. Nowhere are the people of God projected, who are the sure signpost that will lead us to the path of repentance, to the path that leads back, to the love of God the Father from whom we have departed. Life and death are before us. Life in Christ. Death away from Christ.

Our generation will apologize not only for its mistakes, errors and crimes, but mainly, because it hid the people of God and their work, tacitly consenting to every attempt of the enemy to lead us to decay and decline and consequence in death, because death is our voluntary separation from the love of God. A "man of God" unique in world history, was the Blessed Elder Meletios Aivazidis the Orphan Feeder.

..."Since then, although blind, a brilliant light was scattered around him. He established an orphanage in Naoussa. They passed through his hands more than 2000 orphans. His work was very big. He became the father of orphans and the helper of the world."

The monk Meletios Aivazidis was born in Nikopolis of Pontus in 1918. He came with the refugee's parents. After wandering, his parents settled in Leptokarya, Giannitsa. He loved the church very much and from the age of 2 he baked the troparion of John the Baptist.

Helping his parents with tobacco, when he was 11 years old, a child threw a tobacco needle and was nailed in the eye of little Kyriakos. So he lost his eye and then he ruined his other eye. From the age of 11 he was completely blind.

At the age of 18, he became a monk in the monastery of Timios Prodromos Naoussis, named Meletios. Since then, although blind, a bright light was scattered around him. He established an orphanage in Naoussa. They passed through his hands and more than 2000 orphans grew up. His work was very big. He became the father of orphans and the helper of the world.

He has built a Hermitage called "Heptarymos Harris Hermitage" Many tired souls found solace near him. He advised them, comforted them and his Hermitage also functioned as a poorhouse.

Many passed by and received his counsel and blessing. His phone kept ringing and he was consulting until late at night. His work was the work of humanity, the work of God. His prayers are infinite, his writings are endless. On the shelves of the sanctuary you will find his prayers and speeches, with the dates he gave them. Throughout Greece there were groups that held services once a month. He told us that it is good for them to do such a thing for the family, for the city and for the priests and high priests.

The elder was tireless and dictated our prayers, speeches and Christian examples. Three books were released.

  • The 1st entitled "PRAYERS" by monk Meletios Aivazidis of the orphan.

  • The 2nd entitled "LIGHTS OF LIGHTING" father Meletios Aivazidis.

  • The 3rd entitled "GLORY TO GOD, GLORY TO THEOTOKE, MERCY AND SAVE US" by monk Meletios Aivazidis of the orphan.

These three books were circulated in the monastery by the elder. The pilgrims of the sanctuary also received the book as a gift from the hands of the elder along with various blessings, crosses, rosaries, etc. His offer was as generous as his heart. He loved the whole world, he forgave all those who sometimes made him bitter. But at the age of 94 he fell ill. He was taken to the hospital of Giannitsa because he fell into a coma from sugar. At the hospital he underwent an examination and it was found that his lung had collected fluid. Despite his age and illness, he gave his blessing to those who visited him. Many people passed by the hospital of Giannitsa to see him.

From the 3rd of January when he was transported to the hospital, he stayed until the 13th day of Friday. His doctors allowed him to go out and go to his monastery.

He had a week to return to his monastery and fell asleep on Friday 20/1/2012, after first confessing and communicating.

May his memory live forever.

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