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"The Institute Agios Maximos the Greek in Herodion with the Concert "Great Hours""

With the musical performance "Great Hours" the Institute "Agios Maximos the Greek" will participate in the Herodeion program in Athens on Thursday, September 29, 2022.

With the musical performance "MEGALES ORES" the Institute "Agios Maximos the Greek" will participate in the Herodeion program on Thursday, September 29, 2022, as announced by the Ministry of Culture.

Specifically, a multi-dimensional musical work, a multi-faceted musical trilogy, a large production will take place at the Herodes Atticus Conservatory, on Thursday September 29, at 20:30: Composer Andreas Katsigiannis in collaboration with the Athens State Orchestra will present excerpts from his trilogy composer, "GREAT HOURS." In the "Silence of the Place", Mount Athos, the "GREAT HOURS" of the presence of Light are constantly experienced. And the hours become longer when the Eternal Mother of Light, "CHECHARITOMENI" transmits her Light to those who seek it.

Andreas Katsigiannis synthesizes his knowledge, from Byzantine and Western music, through his own musical world. An overwhelming prayer, which will be heard like the rustling of the wind under the canopy of the september sky in the Attic Heaven, in Herodeion, with performers Glykeria, Dimitris Bassis, Eleanna Varela and the holder of 5 Emmy awards, American musician and actor Jonathan Jackson along with 100 choristers from three different choirs.

Narrated by renowned actor, Nikitas Tsakiroglou.

Sing: Glykeria, Dimitris Bassis, Eleanna Varela and Jonathan Jackson.

Ticket Presale:

For ticket purchases until 15/8, 10% discount on all prices!

The State Orchestra of Athens will be conducted by conductor Stathis Soulis.

An overwhelming musical moment under the starry sky of the Acropolis, in Herodeion on Thursday, September 29.Part of the proceeds will be allocated to the Association of Parents of Many Children of Athens.

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