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The young singers "Nektar" at the Monastery of Agios Porphyrios

A special episode of @PemptousiaTv's "Melismata and Myths" and a special historical moment for the first Byzantine girls' ensemble.

We celebrate, in our own way, Women's Day, through the purest form of sacred hymnody. Through the lips of children, of little girls.

..."In the very short time we had with the girls, we managed to learn one of the most beloved hymns of Saint Porphyrios from the first ode of the Canon of Jesus Christ, which the children - aged from 8 to 16 years old - sang in his cell."

The little singers "Nektar", the Byzantine ensemble of little girls, created just one month ago, on the initiative of the Panhellenic Association of Singers and the Women in Byzantine Music Worldwide Association (, managed to coordinate and organize with some of its first members a symbolic first visit to the Monastery of St. Porphyry of Kausokalyvitis, where the important principle and the essential meaning for the female chant art was founded.

In the very short time we had with the girls, we were able to learn one of St. Porphyry's most beloved hymns from the A Canto of the Canon of Jesus Christ, which the children - aged 8 to 16 - sang in his cell. It was the first hymn that I, too, recorded as a child alongside the voice of St. Porphyry.

This special moment is recorded in today's episode on @Myths and Myths on @Pemtpousia TV.

We will also talk about the Lamentations of Holy Week, their history and folkloric foundation, as well as the chant of St George, while the Byzantine ensemble of chanters will perform the Saint's apolytic and the slow T' ode of the Transfiguration of the Saviour.

Central to today's episode will be the girls' performances of Byzantine hymns sung by the young choristers:

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️The episode airs Tuesday 8.3.22, at 15:00 and 23:00 (Greece Time).

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