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"THEORIA COLLEGE OF FILMMAKING" - The first Orthodox Film College.

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Theoria College is a four-month, non-profit program in the Houston area focusing on the timeless art of filmmaking. This innovative school focuses on screenwriting, acting, and directing with the belief that "beauty will save the world" (Dostoevsky). Students learn techniques, styles, and approaches that transcend time.

Five-time Emmy Award Winner Jonathan Jackson is the Associate Dean and Primary Instructor of Theoria College of Filmmaking. Jonathan has worked in the Film and Television industry nearly his whole life, with twenty-nine years of experience in these fields as an actor, writer, director and composer.

Does The World Need Another Film School? The answer to this question is “no” and “yes”. The world does not need another generic film school. There are many available throughout the world. However, there are no film schools (that I am aware of) with the central vision and purpose being the artistic and spiritual empowerment of its students; and certainly, none with an Orthodox, Patristic Vision of Art and Man’s relationship with Beauty.

The vision of Theoria College of Filmmaking is to equip, inspire and prepare a generation of actors, writers and directors to create profound works of art for the life of the world. The great Russian novelist, Dostoevsky said, “Beauty Will Save the World”. What is this beauty? Is it not the Mercy of the Great Physician? The Suffering of the Most Excellent Artist? The Mysteries of the Eternal Poet? The Revelations of the Master of Story? In the Mystery of the Holy Trinity, the artist discovers the Story of the Divine-Martyr, the Hero of Heroes, the Suffering-Victory of the Logos. Walking the same path of self-emptying love for the world, the artist begins to experience synergy with the Holy Spirit and create genuine works of art.

We are not preparing our students to preach, but to reveal; not to be polemical filmmakers—but poets of cinema. Theoria College is a place where craft and spirit meet and work hand in hand. Our dream is to equip young filmmakers with the vision, courage, faith and skill to make works of art in the tradition of Andrei Tarkovsky, Terrence Malick, Mel Gibson and Christopher Nolan.

It has been said that “Theology cannot be taught—it can only be caught”. The same is true with art. Ultimately, it has to be “caught” and experienced personally, as a revelation. Therefore, Theoria’s primary goal is to create an atmosphere where this mystery can be glimpsed, caught and personalized in the lives of each student. Saint Porphyrios says, “For a person to become a Christian, he must have a poetic soul. He must become a poet.” The world cannot see Christ through ideology or intellectualism—but it can experience Him through poetry, parable and revelation. More than ever, the world needs Artists who possess an authentic vision and experience of Beauty. Is it not the same in our times, as it was in Christ’s? The world needs the Grace of Parables.

Theoria College of Filmmaking is committed to the timeless vision of Beauty, Goodness and Truth.

~ Jonathan Jackson​

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